Electric motor characteristics

Long life, low pollution, low noise, low power and speed control are some of the characteristics who must be submitted by the electric motor

Currently, the market has sought to develop an electric motor that is capable of combining: long life, low pollution, low noise, low power, and also speed control.

The more time passes, the more the electric motor manufacturing industries have developed technologies in order to cause the electric motor has an even longer life because even the manufacturer is not it interesting that the live electric motor breaking.


So that the electric motor has a long service life and low noise during operation, the electric motor needs to work with the lowest possible contamination index as just that environmental contamination particle between the bearing that all the engine work electric will be lost.

Thinking about the well-being mainly women is that the electric motor manufacturers have thinking of home and automotive for this to happen, these companies need to provide electric motors that work with the lowest possible noise.

Lubrication process of electric motor

Learn about the steps that make up the lubrication process of electric motor bearings

The first step for the electric motor bearings are lubricated is to use a cotton cloth to clean the area around the grease fitting.

The second is with the electric motor working, the grease should be added using a grease gun to be placed on the amount of grease that is recommended by the electric motor manufacturer.

The third and final step is to maintain the electric motor in operation during a time that is sufficient for the electric motor can cause drain any excess grease was placed in the electric motor.

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The electric motor grease fittings must be kept clean, as well the electric motor does not run the risk of receiving foreign elements in his bearing and this will affect the operation of the electric motor.

Electric motor where to buy

The purchase of the electric motor can be made at specific stores that work with the sale or resale of the product. The customer has the option to buy engine used the new engine, will depend on what he is looking for. It is interesting to compare these two types of engines to see which one will suit your needs.

The physical and virtual market has great deals and offers so that we can make the purchase of the product that he needs. Like any other purchase that will be held, this also requires a price research to find a company that has a more affordable offer. The price of engine depends a lot of characteristics.

Before going to find the price, set which engine you need and what characteristics it must have. Based on this is easier and faster filter the product you want to buy. The values always depend on motor characteristics. Try to catch promotional values so you can save even more. general motors baldor IDVSWDM3546

Understand the electric motor of the reason also be called motor equipment

The electric motor also called motor equipment, with regard loads having characteristics which are: the current that is absorbed by the electric motor during its start is much higher than when the load enters normal operation .; also the power that is absorbed by the operation is directly related to the mechanical power of the electric motor shaft when the driven load is requested and the result will be an overload in the supply circuit to the electric motor does not receive adequate protection.


The standard 5410 in the section that treats only distinguishes electric motor having the electric motor normal application as well there are industrial loads and the like and others which are also residential and commercial loads.

The Brazilian standard 5410 comes to 95% of cases where there is use of the electric motor in premises that are considered low voltage and also in so-called special applications.

Excessive vibration of the electric motor may have different origins

A very common problem that can occur with the electric motor with the passage of time is excessive vibration and as well as other problems, excessive vibration of the electric motor can have different causes and to solve this problem in the electric motor is necessary to make a research deep.

When the electric motor exhibits excessive vibration can be driven by a rotor is unbalanced, crawling, crashing or just outside the center; the electric motor can suffer from excessive vibration when the mains voltage is unbalanced or the electric motor bearings are misaligned, without grease or expenses.


The electric motor can still vibrate excessively when connections were made wrongly; the bearings are loose; the electric motor shaft is bent; there is slack in the stator plates or the electric motor also presents problems in its base.